Equipper (church development ezine)



Equipper is a GCI online magazine (ezine) that outfits churches for a mission-focused journey with Jesus.

Each month, Equipper is sent out by email and posted on this page (see links at right).

Click here to email requests to be included in Equipper's email distribution. Permission is granted to quote from Equipper (with credit, please) and to forward whole issues on to others.

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Current issue of Equipper

April 2014 More about pastors: the importance of emotional intelligence and empathy

Past issues of Equipper

March 2014 Remembering our calling to pastoral ministry

February 2014 Pastoral Internship Program, understanding generational differences

January 2014 Spiritual discernment


December 2013 Resources for Advent and Christmas

November 2013 Christ-centered preaching and teaching

October 2013 Stewardship of our hearts, Soul Care and the Roots of Clergy Burnout

September 2013 Stewardship of spiritual gifts

August 2013 Stewardship of finances; a new day for fundraising

July 2013 Pastoral succession planning; Ray Meyer's story

June 2013 GCnext, My Story: Heber Ticas

May 2013 Preaching

April 2013 Ascension and Pentecost; ministry resources

March 2013 Capitalizing on being a small church; deploying members for mission

February 2013 Multiplying churches

January 2013 Looking back and forward; facilitating intergenerational ministry


December 2012 Proclaiming good news, catalyzing Christian community

November 2012 Tips for effective preaching

October 2012 Life and ministry in small churches

September 2012 Stewards of God's grace

August 2012 Bivocational Pastors: The Tentmaking Pastor

July 2012 Bivocational Pastors: Time is on your side; Exponential 2013

June 2012 Passing the leadership baton

May 2012 Leadership multiplication

April 2012 Discipleship pathway

March 2012 Ministry burnout

February 2012 Spiritual discernment

January 2012 Preaching resources, Black History month


December 2011 Preparing for the New Year

November 2011 The Christian Year, celebrating Advent and Christmas

October 2011 Missional churches, Transformational Church consulting services

September 2011 FaithTalk (evangelistic small groups)

August 2011 Catalog of GCI Church Development Resources

July 2011 Leaving a legacy, progress toward GC Next

June 2011 Stewardship

May 2011 Easter season, infant baptism, the theology of baptism

April 2011 Report on GenMin summit; a church planting story from Steve Elliott

March 2011 Building a coaching culture; worship in light of the Trinity

February 2011 Ministry resources, Black History Month ideas, indicators of church health

January 2011 The Mission of God (Journey with Jesus)


December 2010 Advent & prophecy, using Alpha for outreach.

November 2010 Vision for multiplication, details concerning 2011 regional conferences

October 2010 Multiplication, 2011 Regional Conferences: On Mission with God, passion for church planting

September 2010 Using camps & missions to build cross-generational community, Exponential Conference report

August 2010 International Conference recap

July 2010 Stewardship - focus on church offerings

June 2010 Disciplemaking Pathway part 4: Multiplication (Become); ministry coaching; update on the Pastoral Continuing Education Program

May 2010  Disciplemaking Pathway part 3: Nurturing Believers (Believe)

April 2010  Disciplemaking Pathway part 2: Seeking the Lost (Belong)

March 2010   Disciplemaking Pathway part 1: Overview; Holy Week

February 2010  Preach the word of God

January 2010  From union to communion: Making disciples with Jesus


December 2009  Advent and Epiphany

November 2009 Ministering with Jesus in urban settings

October 2009  Connecting with the community: focus group, assimilation

September 2009  Ministry coaching, note concerning employed pastors

August 2009 Joining with Jesus in his ministry; avoiding legal pitfalls; marriage counseling resources

July 2009 Team-based structures and decision-making processes that help us share disciplemaking ministry with Jesus

June 2009 A vision for starting new churches (church planting); updating online records

May 2009 Video resources, pastor transition process, pastoral continuing education program

April 2009 Using camps to build congregations

March 2009 Holy Week, host ministries

February 2009 Celebrating Black History Month

January 2009 Hope & expectancy in 2009, computer Q&A, 2009 regional conference dates and locations


December 2008 Incarnation, ministry planning

November 2008 Avoiding pastoral burnout, part 2

October 2008 Avoiding pastoral burnout, part 1

September 2008 The work of District Pastoral Leaders

August 2008 The calling and craft of gospel preaching

July 2008 Our ministry in light of coming judgment.

June 2008 Our ministry with Christ

May 2008 Repentance and Christ-centered theology

April 2008 Christ-centered theology

March 2008 Small church ministry, Easter resources

February 2008Team-based ministry, Black History month

January 2008 Equipping ministry workers


November-December 2007 Preparing for Advent

October 2007 Planning for 2008, ministry tune-up, rules for launching new ministries

September 2007 WCG Next, young adult ministries

August 2007 Change and conflict, Ministry Multiplication

July 2007 Spiritual formation - the vital work of ministry

June 2007 Ministers of reconciliation, tips on equipping others, on being effective leaders, remember the kids

May 2007  Resources for Ascension Day and Pentecost, book on prayer, using visual media in sermons, reaching out to GenXers

April 2007  Ministry vision, resources for Holy Week

March 2007  Preparing for Holy Week

February 2007  Conducting planting events, budgeting and stewardship, sermons and church leadership

January 2007  Strategic planning and vacation bible schools


December 2006  Discovery Series, the ministry development team and family ministry

November 2006  Inaugural issue: cultivating events, worship music